Watch: UFC Hall of Famer Georges St-Pierre once took footwork lessons from Tae Kwon Do legend Raymond Daniels!

UFC GOAT Georges St-Pierre once took footwork advice from Bellator Kickboxing legend Raymond Daniels.

Georges St-Pierre is not done fighting. He is still evolving as a martial arts practitioner. Although he retired from active competition years ago, the UFC GOAT remains on point with his MMA skills. In fact, he enjoys continuing to train with professional martial artists from many arenas.

This throwback video from GSP has him training with former Bellator Kickboxing Champion Raymond Daniels. They discuss footwork and evasive maneuvers in a karate arena. GSP asks Daniels

“So when I fight a guy, I’m open. He beats me at footwork. How would you react if someone beat you? You are a master of footwork.

“Oh yes, I love the footwork” answered Daniels, “Yeah, there are different lines and often when the fighting years train in our open stance, they are taught to move to the outside of the stance because that opens up new lines of attack. Every time someone beats me on the outside, I counter-step into what I call x-lines. And it allows me to counter his impending attacks.

GSP is then seen trying out his fellow MMA fighter’s counter step and outside strike strategy. Obviously, GSP is GOAT because it learns from some of the best.

What is Georges St-Pierre doing in 2022?

Since his retirement, GSP has been active in the global MMA circuit and other areas. He mainly appears as a guest of honor or guest trainer at a prestigious gymnasium. He has also been active on social media and the MMA media circuit. “Rush” recently gave advice to current UFC welterweight champion Israel Adesanya on his YouTube channel.

“It’s heavy the crown, my friend, and it’s only going to get heavier for you,” St-Pierre said on Adesanya’s YouTube channel. “No one can understand. But it gets worse and adds more weight to your shoulders with every fight.

He advised ‘The Stylebender’ not to cave under the pressure and keep the fire going to perform better with each successive fight.

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